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Below you will find a list of current and past issues plaguing the states west of the 100 Meridian. You may ask why we are concentrating on those states. To explain here would take up the entire site, so let me point you to a book titled “Storm Over Range Lands” by Wayne Hage.  Its all there.

First lets explain how to use this site.  Scroll down the list that follows and find an issue that your interested it.  At the end of that issue ,you will find a CODE, type the code in the search block in the upper right hand corner click on go and the appropriate pages will appear, ( I hope). If you decide we have not addressed your issue satisfactorily email us @ Explain your issue , and we will try to direct you or provide you with information that should help.   . There may be more than one appropriate Category.

Lets Start with :

Jurisdiction over public lands within a state: Go to the Pages in the right Sidebar and look for

Jurisdiction over private property/land.

Jurisdiction over water ways on private property

Federal Managed Land vs Federally owned Land:

Forest Management  State vs Federal vs Tribal

RS 2477 Roads Trails Two tracks.

The granting of local law enforcement authority to federal agencies:

Understanding the difference between a agency policy and the Law, example+  FLPMA.

Private Property Taxes, who is obligated , who is not, the fraud.

Citizen Vs Resident- The Difference and why its important.